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Different Types of Lenses

Hey photo friends! Since we’ve spent a lot of time learning to shoot in manual here at Bella Pop, I thought it wasRead more »

How to Capture Bokeh in Your Photography

Anytime I hear “images of broken light” in the Beatles song Across the Universe, I think of bokeh.  One ofRead more »

The Focal Plane and Getting Things in Focus

This week we’ll be wrapping up my blog series Shooting in Manual. If you’re just joining us be sure to checkRead more »

The Histogram – Your Sometimes Friend

Another fresh photography post! I know we’ve had a lot of photography posts lately, I will be mixing up blog postsRead more »

Understanding Aperture and Depth of Field

I totally have a crush on aperture. What’s not to love? By choosing certain apertures you can be all kinds ofRead more »

10 Sweet Valentine’s Treats

Valentine’s Day will soon be here and while the kids are exchanging cute cards and toys, here are some sweetRead more »

Fixing White Balance – JPG vs RAW

This post was first published in March 2012. Since we learned more about white balance in my Shooting in Manual blogRead more »

How to Use Your Camera’s Light Meter

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that aperture, shutter speed and ISO are super important but they are nothingRead more »

Understanding White Balance

This post is part of my new Shooting in Manual series. I hope you’re enjoying these photography posts! HaveRead more »

Shooting in Manual Mode – AKA How to Take Great Pictures

This post was first published in January 2012. With the new Shooting in Manual blog series I thought it would be greatRead more »