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I have a love/hate relationship with my blog

photo credit: Mikko Koponen on I think it needs to be said: I have a love/hate relationship with myRead more »

Why Writers Should Study Poetry

In one of my writing classes we’ve been studying poetry: how to read a poem, words, meaning, imagery, sound etc. IRead more »

That Moment I Dropped Two Classes

This is my life. So much. HAHAHA I never tell people about my Fibromyalgia for sympathy. It’s just a means to anRead more »

The Different Kinds of Natural Light

On Fridays I like to share photography related stuff: my personal work, tutorials or series like this. Today I’mRead more »

Creative Writing Books – Fall 2015

I’m tired. My eyes are glazing over as I stare at the screen and my bed looks incredibly comfy. Of course I have aRead more »

Dreaming of Fall – Boston New England Trip

This week Samantha Eaton, one of my writer friends on Twitter, said it was finally starting to feel like fall in BostonRead more »

Science Fiction vs. Sci-Fi

This semester at college I’m taking a Science Fiction literature class. It’s only offered in the fall and isRead more »

That Time I Reached Mythical Creature Status

When I got really sick, I sort of disappeared from everything. My blog, the internet, photography, friends. I joked thatRead more »

Different Types of Lenses

If you’re just starting out with a DSLR camera, you probably have a standard kit lens which is just fine. ForRead more »

How to Capture Bokeh in Your Photography

Anytime I hear “images of broken light” in the Beatles song Across the Universe, I think of bokeh.  One ofRead more »

The Focal Plane and Getting Things in Focus

This week I’ll be wrapping up my blog series Shooting in Manual. If you’re just joining us be sure to checkRead more »

The Histogram – Your Sometimes Friend

Another fresh photography post! If you’re just joining us – check out my past posts in this series. So farRead more »