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Yay! Squeal!!  jump up and down Mylynka... images from the Old Bedford School are here :)

I'm super excited about this wedding venue.  Mylynka was a bit sad that the Historic YWCA in downtown Fort Worth was already booked for EVERY Saturday in 2009 - to which I responded, don't get down on yourself girl.. that venue was booked before you even *thought* of it.  The Historic YWCA holds a special place in my heart as it is the place my brother married the love of his life Lisa back in 1992 and Brandon and I got married there in 2001.  Back in the day you could snag a coveted Saturday spot at YWCA while planning a wedding 3 months in advance.  Not so anymore... likewise I feel like the Old Bedford School will one day be just as popular as the YWCA and for good reason.  It's fabulous!

Anyway, Mylynka and Lupe (one of our awesome clients!) were on the search again for a wedding venue with lots of unique character.  I suggested a few places and one of them was the Old Bedford School.  We decided to go together to check out the venue, Brandon and I waking up waaaay to early, heading over to Bedford with cameras in tow.  It was worth it though.  I love this place!  And guess what?  We'll be shooting there May 2010 because Mylynka and Lupe loved it too!  :)

Smack dab in the middle of Bedford you'd have no idea that such a great wedding venue with a wonderful expanse of grass and trees would be there.  Wedding couples have a variety of choices for their ceremony location:  inside the restored auditorium, under the giant Oak tree in the front lawn or at two of the quaint wedding arches on the back lawn.  One thing to note, this venue does not have a full kitchen, but there is still a place for caterers to set up.

I am obsessed with the mix of new and old architecture, the history and oh, with the bigger package you'll get your names engraved in a brick and added to the walkway.  They'll even make sure it is done before the big day!  Wicked cool!  Here are a few of our favorite images from our little adventure.  Watch the slideshow (at the bottom) and you'll see the canvas print they have of the fire that ravaged this building in 1991.  Today the Old Bedford School features all the modern amenities that are perfect for weddings and also protective against fire.  This is a perfect reason why many historic venues do not allow candles.  Enjoy!

Mylynka - YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! I am so excited! Can we just get married NOW!! I am so glad you guys braved the semi-crack of dawn and came out there… next time we go YOU have to get a fri-taa-taaaah. :)

Thanks for posting!


Luci - Hey that place is cool! Maybe Brandon can do my retro shoot there? :-)

admin - that’s a great idea… we’ll check into it :D

admin - LOL semi-crack of dawn. nice.

Mary Young - My granddaughter is getting married and has a small budget. We would like information on a wedding on the grounds of the Old Bedford School. Can you give us an idea of rental costs, etc? We are residents of Bedford.


Brandy - Hi Mary, I apologize for my very delayed response. I am not sure the cost for this venue – but the ladies at Old Bedford School will be more to help you if you give them a call. :) Thanks for stopping by!

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