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Spring Break – New Braunfels Trip (Part 2)

Yay!! Spring break!!  Yeah, I’m no longer a student and I don’t have kiddos but spring break will always be spring break to me.  Just like summer vacation.   Here in Texas pretty much everyone is on break and I’m sorta/kinda in spring break mode.  It started off with the trip to see my brother’s family for some fun and a family photo shoot.  Yesterday it was Wii games with my cousins home from college.  Today it’s IKEA (first time for my cousins, ohhhhh boy!)  Then I’ll be gifting my niece Em her senior pics and doing some fun stuff with my sister.

I had so much fun hanging out with my family, loving on my nieces and nephew, eating yummy food.  Watching rats get a bath… taking pictures!  Yes, I said rats.  Fancyyyyyy rats!  Here are some of my favorite iPhone pics…

Apparently my arrival brought the rain with me because it started raining buckets when I arrived.  We’re talking rain/drizzle non-stop!   So the first day my brother and I drove around Gruene, Texas scouting spots for the family shoot then he took me to lunch at Cantina Del Rio.  The tacos were yummy!

mmm. Tex Mex.  my fave.

Then we had this great idea to watch my niece Taylor’s soccer game.  in. the. rain. (of course)  It was soooooooooo cold and it rained the entire time!  My brother and I laughed like a couple of crazies.  Poor Tay was soaking wet and freezing to death.  At least she could hear my squeals (of delerium?)  Hey, gotta support the Tay.

The next day we woke up to:  more rain.  We kept laughing at the crazy weather… and keeping our fingers crossed for the rain to stop!  We ended up at Macadoos for some tasty seafood.  Here I am with my Kenz and the Brad.

My brother, Tay and my awesome sister in law (aka my favorite Lisa ever!)  :)

Oh little bacon wrapped shrimps, stuffed with cheese.  I miss you.  That corn and potato chowder was swell too.  The bread pudding was sooooo big! Nom nom nom.

Kenz has the cutest rats.  I’ve never played with rats before – but apparently they freak people out.  What?! ;)  That little tail whips around but oh, they are such cuddle bugs!

Cheerio and Cleo: rats on a book. We call the 2nd pic “rat blur” ha ha.

Then we decided the rats needed a bath. So I filmed rats in a bath ;)

On my last full day I woke up and came out dressed wearing green and purple. Funny thing, my sis was baking cupcakes in the same colors. It cracked us up, so I had to pose with my matching cupcake. Ahhh I’m so bummed I didn’t get more pics of their pet ferret Buzz. He is so funny to play with!! Next time. And the weather? It was perfect on the last day… just in time for their family pics! Can’t wait to share those :) xo Brandy