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Spooky Friday – Free Halloween Printables, DIY Invitations

Oh my gosh you guys!! So last night we booked a trip to Boston for October! YAY!! Can’t wait to check out the Keene Pumpkin Festival and Salem too. Hayrides, corn mazes, pumpkins!! So yeah, it’s a very happy spooky Friday here and do I have a treat for you… free Halloween printables! This is a collection of images from our super fun mortuary themed party invite a few years ago.

I made these intricate booklets as the invitation, and they were chock-full of spooky things: creepy photos, illustrations and yeah, cut hair. Ha! Basically it was supposed to be the journal of a crazy mortician. One of my favorite things about hosting Halloween parties is making the invitations and I thought you guys might like this set of printables to make your own DIY invites just as spooky!

Free Halloween printables! DIY invitations
This little collection of creepy printables includes some illustrations from an old autopsy book that I found at Half Price Books. Score! There’s also some photos I’ve taken as well. There are a couple of frames to use for invites and an old sheet music cover that’s been scanned. The creepy font used in the invitation examples below is Dyer Normal (my fave!) + Bickham Script Pro. And if you really want to add a creepy element to your Halloween invitations be sure to buy a cheap black wig, cut little pieces off and tape the hair to the invite. Get some fake blood and put fingerprints on them too.  It’s so creepy!! ha.

CLICK HERE to download the creepy printables zip file.

Creepy Halloween printables + DIY invites
Free Halloween printables! DIY invitations Free Halloween printables! DIY invitations Free Halloween printables! DIY invitationsFree Halloween printables! DIY invitations

Have fun designing your own creepy Halloween invitations! Have a great weekend! xo B

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