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Learn How To Use Your Camera & Take Great Pictures Too!

Have a new DSLR camera but don’t know how to really use it?  It’s time to learn how to use your camera!  Sign up for ‘s next online Shooting in Manual class AKA photo 101.  You may be holding onto a brand new camera and have no clue how to use it (yay camera!) or mayyyyybe you’ve had your awesome camera for a while.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a total newbie in digital photography or if you’ve been shooting in automatic (or even a little in manual mode) this class is designed to be fun and easy to understand.  And… if you’re already shooting in manual mode but want to feel more confident, this class is for you too!

I’m so excited… the first ever online class has been so. much. fun.  I love being part of someone’s “ah ha!” moment in the photography learning experience.  I’ve posted a video tour and class descriptions… but what’s the best way to show how the class works?  Show off student photos!  Here are just a few of the *awesome* pictures students are taking… and what they’re saying about ‘s new online Shooting in Manual class:


“So enjoying the class! It’s helped me understand my camera and I’m taking even better pictures now.  The facebook group is great for feedback and I love the weekly shooting practice.” – Lisa D.


“Love how fun and easy-going this class is! Everyone is so nice and I’m inspired to get better and be even more creative. I totally recommend it to anyone who’s intimidated by manual mode… this class is so easy to understand.”  – Beckie G.


“The class is simple, easy to follow and full of info I’ll use over and over. I’ve taken an in-person class with but this online class is even better. I’m able to watch videos as many times as I need, practice more and get lots of feedback… all on my own time. It’s great!” – Nicole H.


“I thought learning to shoot in manual would be confusing, but it’s so easy to learn with Brandy’s class.  I’m having so much fun!  Plus, I’m kinda excited about being able to take pictures like this.” – Kyndal H.


“I’ve been shooting in manual and this class is a great refresher. Everything is so user friendly and easy to understand. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn manual mode (or just wants to be more confident in it!)”  – Monica S.


“I’m taking the class with my point and shoot camera (it has manual settings) and I’m surprised how quick and easy it is to shoot in manual. I’ve learned so much and I can’t wait to upgrade to a DSLR and take even better photos!” – Liz U.


“I thought it would take months of one-on-one training to finally master my camera, boy was I wrong.  After just a few short weeks of Brandy’s class I know my camera will always be in manual. I have been snapping a ton of pictures and can’t wait to take more classes from !” – Liz E.


“I’ve been shooting for a while now and studying on my own – but I’ve learned SO MUCH with Brandy… she’s so sweet and funny! My life is very very busy but this online class is totally manageable and fun. I really feel like I accomplish something each week.” – Jennifer B.


These pictures and sweet comments are the bee’s knees!  Psssssst… guess what?  You can shoot in manual too!