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For the Love of Chocolate

Meet my new photo assistant! Ava pup made such a fab little model for my natural light basics class. Trust me, it's sorta/kinda an epic battle to photograph my fur kids. The magic combination for Ava is treats (for this shoot, fresh strawberries) cuddles and the promise of a car ride. I'm loving the different colors of blue and her adorable chocolate brown color.  She's such a cutie!

My favorite.  I think this one will Ava's print for the pet photo wall project.

Couldn't resist sharing this one! Chocolate + a rainbow of colors... This is her "what? car ride??! heck yes I wanna go for a car ride!!" face. As in 1.2 seconds before she bolted off the bed. So we packed up the camera and went down to the museum district. Ava pup had the best. time.

Diva Girl Ellie - I ABSOLUTELY LOVE these shots – especially the RAINBOW one! WOW!!!! I just want to HUG her! SWEET!

Sandy - Yep, the rainbow one and Ava is my favorite. Love that face!!

Diana - Such beautiful work–I like the blue ones, but all are great! Thanks for sharing.

Miss Peregrin - Ava is so beautiful! I love that last shot of her on the rainbow carpet, but her colouring looks lovely with the blue too.

Jana - Oh my gosh! She is such a poser! Great pictures :)

Brandy - thanks Jana!! yep, she’s a little puppy model. Can’t wait to see you btw!!

Brandy - thanks Diana! yes I love the blue too… but who knows why ?? ;) lol

Brandy - Stacey, it’s this beautiful colorful afghan my grandma once made for us. I do love the colors with Ava on it! :) p.s. Ava sends big doggie kisses. (chocolate kisses of course!)

Brandy - thanks Ellie! yes she’s a sweetie pie. That’s funny because she totally bolted after I snagged that last shot. When she gets too excited, she’s outta there! lol

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