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DIY Kitty Litter Box Cover

Hey everyone!  Today I have a post for all my kitty peeps out there.  YAY kittehs!!!!

As you all know, kitties are fab.  They are warm, cuddly, balls of fluff who meow and chirp and keep us company.  Sure, some are a little evil… but that just makes life more exciting!  So yeah, kitties are fab.  But if you live in a studio, small apartment or teeny tiny house with a cat?  Not so fab.  The dreaded litter box is always a conundrum!  So when we moved into our little cottage the where the heck do we put a litter box was an issue.  Not just one litter box but two!  There was no laundry room, extra closet, or 2nd bathroom to hide the cat crappers.  Ahhhhh yeah.  what. to. do?!

Some quality time with Google brought up all kinds of interesting / unusual / cat planter, cat box combos etc.  Still, they were kinda ugly and didn’t go with our modern / vintage mix or they were just expensive.  Then I found an old hack using some children’s furniture… the STUVA BETSAD from IKEA.  Yep.  Kitty litter box win!!  The original hack was to just put the pieces together and leave off the back cover and legs.  This worked great except without the back cover, the furniture was just wobbly and not cool.  So we ended up cutting out cat size holes in the back covers with a jigsaw, then installed them.  Not only did it keep more litter in the box, it also helped hide that litter smell.  So much so that people didn’t notice our litter boxes until we pointed them out!

Can you find the litter boxes?  Trust me, they’re there!

Yep, here’s kitty ha ha tinkle room #1.  IKEA just changed the look of available doors / colors for this piece.  It looks like the doors are now solid with knobs, available in a beech, dark brown or white.  So you could totally change the knobs to something you like more!  Original colors (that may or may not still be available) with the open handles like ours pictured here were white, beech, pink, blue and neon-ish green (aka kid colors.)  Also, if you do a google search you can find out how to paint IKEA furniture to your liking.  :)

3M hooks provide a place to hang up kitty essentials.


I also got this nifty bag holder at IKEA to hold kitty litter bags – but it turned out to be in the way of one of my picky cats.  Heaven forbid.  ;)  I have since removed it.

Kitty door cut to size with jigsaw (before installing the back cover!) Don’t have a jigsaw?  Find a friend who does!

I loved these in our house.  They looked like end tables but hid a secret. ;)  We use pine pellets for our kitty litter – it’s really great because there’s less dust and it has a fresh pine smell.   Of course, some cats just don’t like pine pellets… but they do make scoopable pine litter as well.  World’s Best Kitty Litter is made of corn and is another good option.  These litter box covers are a great way to hide kitty boxes when you live in a small space – while still being functional pieces of furniture!

Ashleigh - Awesome idea!! :) I may have to look into this! Also, I am in love with that lamp on top! Where did you get that?!

Brandy - Thanks Ashleigh! And the lamp came from Target! :) xo B

Anne - I love this idea!

Candy Pancake Call - Zachariah Call

Gretchen - Brillant! I’ve gotta try this!

Brandy - have fun! our kitties still love theirs :)

Joanie - How did you make it work with the bin type liter boxes?

Brandy - Joanie – I just purchased a plastic tote that was big enough / fit in the cabinet. Then I used a jigsaw to cut a hole that matched up with the cabinet hole. Using the plastic totes with big sides has eliminated the issue of accidents outside the box. I highly recommend!

Marie Bowden-Lockhart - My next project

Lisa Vanlith - I use the same litter box so I know it will work. I love this, its so simple versus some of the other hidden cabinet projects I saw. Kudos to you. I’m getting this done this afternoon :-)

Veronica M. Kraus - Thank You! I will definitely be adding this project to my “Outdoor Spring Project’s” ! Now let’s hope “Mr. BELLA” can / will acclimate himself to it! I’ll keep you posted.

Colleen - Did your cats have problems adjusting to the new boxes or were they already used to a covered camode? I have previously tried covered boxes with my cat and he hated it so I had to go back to regular, open air boxes, but I did have a box under an end table and he used that for a while. Any tips on implementing these new boxes?

Brandy - Hi Colleen! Thanks for stopping by and your comment. Well, cats can be so finicky as I’m sure you know lol and this can be quite frustrating. Are you making sure the litter box is super clean? Is there anything that might have startled your cat? Our cats were not used to a covered litter box and when they started out we left the front doors open, then closed one door, then closed both doors. The process might have been over a week or two, it’s been so long I can’t remember. But I do remember it was a gradual process. :) Hope this helps and I apologize for the delayed response!

Kelsey - Hello I was wondering if you could give me the dimensions of the cabinet? I am trying to find it on the Ikea sight but they all look to small to fit a litter box.

Brandy - Hi Kelsey, I think Ikea may have changed the cabinets I am not sure the current sizes.

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