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Crush. Want. Love – Hunger Games!!

May the odds be ever in your favor.

Oh. Em. Gee.  It’s finally here!  Hunger games! Hunger games!  Hunger games!  Sorry had to get that out.

But yeah, LOVE this series.  I’ve been obsessed with it since reading the first book in 2008.  Ya’know, when my friends would just stare at me with blank eyes as I blabbed on about it.  I’d try to tell them about the book:  “Have you seen The Running Man? … did you ever read the short story The Lottery??” (usually. no.) “Well it’s kinda like those two combined, but with children… annnnnnd they fight to the death!  Oh, it’s horrible… but it’s oh. so. good!” And so it went, I’d tell everyone with that same crazed excitement to. read. the. book. already.

What I’m trying to say is, I love the Hunger Games (duh.)  And I’m going crazy because I’m not going to the midnight premiere.  I’m waiting to see it with my B. :) Anyway, if you’re still reading this then I’m guessing you like HG too.  OR you’re just reading to see what other random crazy talk I post next.  Either way, Crush. Want. Love Friday is up this week and it’s allllllll Hunger Games.


When B read the book, he was all “where is this Panem? what’s up with the rest of the world? and why are they ok with this?”  To which I’d just shrug and smirk.  Some peeps attempted to make a map of Panem and B posted it on my facebook wall.  Pretty cool.

Kristan @ Confessions of  a Cookbook Queen thew herself a little party.  With Hunger Games inspired food.  So fun!


LOVE this shirt from Etsy seller Nose and Whiskers!

Ditto for the embroidery hoop by OooohStitchy.


LOVE cupcakes.  Even better with hand painted Hunger Games toppers.  Mmmmm… by Death By Cupcake.

Hunger Games manicure?  Too cool, Nailasaurus!

And if you have no idea what I’m going on about yet, check out the movie trailer… even better read the book… let the Hunger Games begin!

Have a great weekend! xo Brandy