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Telling the Story with Photography

So, telling the story… it doesn’t matter if you’re shooting special days for your personal life or ifRead more »

8 Ways to Find Pretty Light (for Better Photos!)

What’s a great way to take better pictures? Finding great natural light! Shooting with natural light is a BIGRead more »

9 Ways to Find Your Photography Style

Style: what is it in photography? I bet many of you have your own style in fashion. In decorating your homes. How youRead more »

8 Ways to Make Your Photography POP!

I’ve had sooooo many people ask me how I get my photography to POP – you know, bright colors, creamy skin,Read more »

FREE online photography class!

Hey there lovely readers! Here’s a free little mini class… no skill level or special camera required! p.s.Read more »

DSLR Cameras For Beginners (AKA Buying Your First Big Camera)

It’s funny.  I used to shoot with this big fancy camera in yearbook.  Olympus.  film camera.  I loved thatRead more »

8 Tips for Shooting Creepy Photos (Part 2)

So I meant to post this a couple days ago but then the fork ran away with the spoon.  Yep, we jetted out of town for aRead more »

8 Tips for Shooting Creepy Photos (Part 1)

So a couple of years back Pottery Barn was selling a big, expensive Halloween themed canvas print.  It was creepy andRead more »

How to Clean Up Files for a Faster Mac

This week’s photo tip is for all my Mac peeps out there… woot woot! Yes, I’m a mac girl.  It’sRead more »

Family Reunion 2012 – Light Painting (Part 3)

Happy Friday!!  Here’s part 3 from our Family Reunion – this time I used the big guns (aka my Canon 5DMII)Read more »

Silhouette Photography – Photoshop How To

Hello there!  Today I have a fun, quick video tip for editing gorgeous silhouettes using Photoshop actions.  I *love*Read more »

Glitter and Glass – Seeing Things Creatively

Hey pretty people!  Hope you’re having a great May so far…  I can’t believe summer is almost hereRead more »