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How to Use Your Camera’s Light Meter

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that aperture, shutter speed and ISO are super important but they are nothingRead more »

Understanding White Balance

Have you ever taken a picture only to find that it is too yellow or too blue? Maybe the colors just look off and notRead more »

Shooting in Manual Mode – AKA How to Take Great Pictures

I’ll just go ahead and admit it:  shooting in manual used to freak me out.  Me?  Shoot manual?  That’sRead more »

ISO – The Basics

If you’ve been following along with my Shooting in Manual series and practicing with your camera then YES! I meanRead more »

Shooting in Manual Mode – Quick Tips for Photography

Check it out: I finally made a “quick tips” guide for shooting in manual. Ahhhhhhhhhhh YEAH. True, it’Read more »

Aperture vs. Shutter Speed

So now that we know more about aperture and shutter speed and what they can do for a photo – it’s time toRead more »

Shutter Speed – The Basics

So this post is all about Shutter Speed. Once you really get to know both aperture and shutter speed, you’reRead more »

The Kit Lens – Aperture Range

Most people starting out with a new DSLR have a standard kit lens.  Did you get your camera as part of a set, completeRead more »

Aperture – The Basics

So you’re gonna learn to shoot in manual. YEAH!! No kidding, shooting in manual is super easy and I’m goingRead more »

Intro to Shooting in Manual

If you’ve ever wanted to break away from your camera’s control of the galaxy (ok, ok, your photos) thenRead more »

Understanding Buttons and Knobs on Your Camera

Hey there blog readers and fellow photography friends! Today I’m starting my Shooting in Manual series. After thisRead more »

8 Ways to Get More Creative with your Photography

This post was first published August 2012 but I’m sharing it again because I think it’s a great read forRead more »