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Shooting with Natural Light – Indoors

So I’ve talked about shooting outside with full sun, even shade, dappled shade, sunrise/sunset, and cloudy days.Read more »

Shooting with Natural Light – Cloudy Days

Soft, naturally diffused light is what you get on cloudy, overcast days. And while you can’t shoot sun flare orRead more »

Shooting with Natural Light – Sunrise and Sunset

The prettiest, most flattering, and soft light happens when the sun is closest to the horizon at sunrise or sunset. WhenRead more »

Shooting with Natural Light – Dappled Shade

I’ve briefly introduced you to the different kinds of light and taught more about shooting in harsh full sun. ForRead more »

Shooting with Natural Light – Full Sun

Hello photo friends! It’s time to get back to the shooting with natural light series. In today’s post, we&#Read more »

The Different Kinds of Natural Light

Today I’m kicking off a new series all about shooting with natural light. So here’s the thing – thereRead more »

Different Types of Lenses

If you’re just starting out with a DSLR camera, you probably have a standard kit lens which is just fine. ForRead more »

How to Capture Bokeh in Your Photography

Anytime I hear “images of broken light” in the Beatles song Across the Universe, I think of bokeh.  One ofRead more »

The Focal Plane and Getting Things in Focus

I don’t know about you, but I’m horrible in math and other technical things like that. When I first startedRead more »

The Histogram – Your Sometimes Friend

In today’s post I wanted to focus on the histogram. Or as I like to call it, your sometimes friend. 1. What is theRead more »

Understanding Aperture and Depth of Field

I totally have a crush on aperture. What’s not to love? By choosing certain apertures you can be all kinds ofRead more »

Fixing White Balance – JPG vs RAW

Have you ever taken a picture that was too yellow, too blue or just overall *not* the way it looked in person?  ThatRead more »