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Brandy’s Kitchen Basics

I love cooking.  We’re talking head over heals in love.  Brandon loves eating.  He does a happy dance in the kitchen every time I cook.  For real. Obviously, we make a good team.  :) That being said, it’s no surprise that over the years of our marriage I’ve accumulated a TON of cooking stuff.  There’s […]

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Sweet and Spicy Meatball Skewers

When I started dreaming up new and fun content for Bella Pop I needed a little feedback from some of our favorite ladies:  Bella Pop brides.  Kudos to Liz who suggested:  Oh some recipes or two maybe?  Simple stuff for those that aren’t very domestic? Today we’re featuring an oh so yummy and super simple […]

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Turkey Day 2008

Alright people, finally I’m getting my lazy butt in gear and posting turkey…. TURKEY…. TURKEY DAY 2008 (that was supposed to sound like those big truck car rally commercials) woooo hooooo! I just want to take the time to say I miss the pies. I ate pie for breakfast 4 days straight after Thanksgiving. Ah, […]

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Happy Thanksgiving!!

Yeah I know, a little late… but Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  We’ve been spending the holiday with family (yes this does include our fur kids) playing games, eating food, thinking of food, putting up Christmas trees and generally being lazy and eating more food.   I’ve had pie and cheesecake for breakfast for the past two […]

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