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Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix Recipe

Well kids, it’s been a week since my last blog post and you should know that 1) I’ve been hibernating underRead more »

Life Lately and a Gingerbread House

I’ve always wanted to make a real gingerbread house. Not the comes from a box kind. The cut out the pieces, bakeRead more »

Bacon Wrapped Cheesy Goodness (AKA Recipes I’ve Tried on Pinterest)

Hey there! So lately I’ve been doing a *ton* of cooking. While my favorite cookbooks are still (and forever) willRead more »

4 ways to pack a tasty lunch (and a cool lunchbox!)

Left to his own devices B was taking the saddest lunches to work. We’re talkin’ a couple granola bars tossedRead more »

Sugar Cookies: Hippos, Flamingos and Sharks (oh my!)

Oh. my. gosh.  YOU GUYS!!!!!  I seriously wish I had one of these cookies right now.  Yes, I know this is NOT theRead more »

Maebell’s Blackberry Cobbler

Oh my goodness! Today I’m very excited to finally share an actual recipe for my Grandma’s blackberry cobblerRead more »

Roasted Chickpeas with Parmesan

Yay!  A kitchen post… (finally!)  I’ve had a crush on roasted chickpeas for a while now…  I like toRead more »

Homemade Waffles with Strawberries! (Be Mine, Valentine)

Happy Valentine’s!  Hope your day is filled with sweet treats :)  As usual, we skip out on Valentine crowds andRead more »

Candied Bacon

Candied bacon?  Candied what?? Oh, yes you did say bacon. That was my first thought when a guy passing out trays withRead more »

Chicken with Herbed Goat Cheese

For Valentine’s Day I cooked a new meal for the family.. and it was delicious.  And yeah, I pulled most of theseRead more »

Great Grandma’s Sugar Cookies

She would dip the cookies and I would do the sprinkles.  Frosting.  Sprinkles.  Frosting.  Sprinkles.  SprinklesRead more »

Thanksgiving 2010 – Gobble Gobble

Warning:  if you’re hungry, snackish, or sugar deprived… this post may cause you to spontaneously combustRead more »