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Camper Renovation – Plywood and Nail Guns

So um, it’s almost December.  D E C E M B E R.  How the heck did this happen?!  Sure, I had turkey and pie… I should have expected this.  But it sorta kinda snuck up on me.  I mean hello, my cat still smells like a skunk.  Apparently there are Halloween lights hanging up behind my bookcase. Kinda forgot about those.  Oh, and I’ve hoarded more Camperrrr pics than I thought.  Did I mention my cat got sprayed by a skunk?  Oh YES.  It was skunk-tastic.

Basically crazy busy = no time to blog.  So yeah, it’s almost December.  But guess what?  My hair doesn’t smell like skunk anymore.  Camperrrr is lookin’ good.   classes are wrapping up this week, *and* B’s first semester back at TCU is almost done.  YAY!  Can’t. wait. to see my husband more.  :)   So excited for some time to relax, bake cookies, blog a little… you know, the usual.  

After we tore out the front of camper and the old sub-floor, it was time to build a new floor.  Woo hoo!

Yep.  Now I know how to use a nail gun.  More or less anyway.  And that 2nd photo is *totally* staged.  My mom had about 2 seconds to take the pic before dad got all  Ha.  Love my dad.

oh wait.  this is where he’s totally saying  ;)

New sub-floor!

See that little silver x-bracing?  Oh it’s just holding the camper together.  No biggie.

BTW – finally had a chance to sort through TONS of camper photos and prepped 6 more blog posts to share!  Check back tomorrow for another Camperrrr update!  xoxo B