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Camper Renovation – Oh You Know, The Usual

Guess what?  It’s Christmas-time around here.  More or less anyway.  My mom’s decorated her house all ho-ho-ho… we have a string of white lights in our room.  I’ve been cutting out snowflakes galore (right now I’m just hoarding them in a box.)  Today seems like a good day to put up our vintage tree.  Cutest. little. aluminum. tree. ever.  And before you know it, looks like my Christmas present may be getting to start painting and decorating Camperrrr.  Not quite, but maybe.

So before I go all holidays up in here we need to get this camper show on the road…

Just messin’ with the outer skin. You know, the usual.

Yep.  Totally camper ready.

Put up paneling, take down paneling.  It happens.

More fun cleaning up old silicone!  Yayyyyy.

More camper renovation posts…

Richard L. Mcclinsey - I just about did this.

Randa Talley - Impressed!

Julia Hayes - My husband and I did a 1977 Holiday Rambler. We replaced almost every stud, one by one so as to not lose the shape. Some of the studs we just vacuumed out with the shop vac, they were so rotted! It was tedious, but we love our camper!

Glenda Gay - Doing this to my camper now. Replacing. All the interior. Wish me luck, have a feeling I will need it.

Brandy - Good luck and have fun Glenda! Be sure to email me some pics and keep me posted :)

Neil Rlt - how is the process going? we may embark on this journey, but it almost seems mad! please post more pics, thank you.

Denise - thanks for the inspiration …we just started this process of tearing all inside walls out of a 1995 Dutchmen with a double slide out… If it wasn’t for pinterest and all the amazing posts, I don’t know that I could see the end result. Thank you for all the posts. Keep the pictures coming please

Chris Rizer - I am redoing a 71 Shasta currently. I decided to just replace the Butyl tape and repair all seams. I replaced all water damaged areas with a thin venneer of pine beetle kill millings and am going to turn it into a faux log cabin with some scraps from a mill.

Carla Klacker - I am about to do a 1956 Aloha

Brandy - Sounds great Chris! Would love to see photos if you have any. Hope your project is going well :) – Brandy

Brandy - You’re very welcome Denise! I need to show an update of the interior soon. So excited to hear about your Dutchmen – it will look great I am sure! Jealous of the double slide out ;) And I totally hear you it is hard to imagine the end result sometimes (including if it will go back together lol) Have fun!

deb - I just bought a 1985 30′ prowler travel trailer, has leaks in both ends of roof . But lights work ,all the appliances are suppose to work . I have two things in mind : I would like too put a longer set of axles on (now they are 7’8″ to edge of wheels)would like to increase to max of 102″ or 8’6″ ,that would be an additional 10″. The other thing is I would like to add two small pushouts one in the front one in the rear and a loft on top. Any sugestions or advise would be greatly apreciated! I have built and worked contruction in my life and I have many power tools and hand tools. sincerely deb

Brandy - Hi Deb! Sounds like you have some big plans :) I know zip about constructing anything – so my only advice is – better eat your Wheaties ;) good luck!

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