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Camper Renovation – Oh You Know, The Usual

Guess what?  It’s Christmas-time around here.  More or less anyway.  My mom’s decorated her house all ho-ho-ho… we have a string of white lights in our room.  I’ve been cutting out snowflakes galore (right now I’m just hoarding them in a box.)  Today seems like a good day to put up our vintage tree.  Cutest. little. aluminum. tree. ever.  And before you know it, looks like my Christmas present may be getting to start painting and decorating Camperrrr.  Not quite, but maybe.

So before I go all holidays up in here we need to get this camper show on the road…

Just messin’ with the outer skin. You know, the usual.

Yep.  Totally camper ready.

Put up paneling, take down paneling.  It happens.

More fun cleaning up old silicone!  Yayyyyy.

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