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Camper Renovation – It’s Like Magic!

So here’s the thing:  B’s a lucky guy.  He gets to run away with the spoon while we slave away in Camperrrr Land.  Ok so maybe he’s just at TCU.  Or writing term papers.  My dad likes to say, “he’s no fool!”  The running joke is according to B, things just magically happen.  Each week he comes bopping along and sticks his head in, and stuff is different.  EPIC.  I know.  Then he grins and laughs that laugh.  Sure, he’d love to help but the boy isn’t crying buckets about it.  Hey, he’s no fool… that’s for sure!  ;)

And I just so happened to be taking pics when he stuck his head in.  Cracks. me. up.


Yes, we have paneling!

Everyone say oooohhhh…. ahhhhhh….

New framing in the front section.  Fancyyyyyy pants.

Yep, new tarp set up.  Thanks to monsoon part deux.

So there was this hole in the skin, I think it was from the old water pump… and I think someone had covered it up with a vent.  Honestly can’t remember at this point. Ha!   Anyway, we decided to move the circuit breaker to the rear of the camper and turned that hole into a new place for our electric cord.  Worked out perfectly!  Even better, we added an exterior plug for lights and such!


New 50 amp circuit breaker!  It’s located in the back of the camper under the seating (there will be a hatch to get to it.)

Quality control approves!


Hey look at that, an original piece of  paneling.  Don’t hold your breath.  Remember when I said crazyyyyyy stuff happens?  Almost there kids.

Stay tuned for another update!  very. very. soon.