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Camper Renovation – And Then This Happened

Heyyyyyyy.  Someone’s been a very bad blogger.  Yep, give this girl some coal.  Ohhhhhh I’m not exactly sure where the week went… but I can say this:   I scored some pink and turquoise Melmac dishes *and* a vintage color wheel for our aluminum tree.  The kitties love paper snowflakes.  Ava is running around with her jingle bells on and I ordered super cute mini flamingos from this girl.  Apparently my brain has gone on vacay already.  ;)

Oh well, it happens.  Everyone’s in holiday mode anyway right?  So um, I REALLY need to post more camper updates.  Here we go…


So the last time we checked in with Camperrrr things looked like this!  It even got to the point where dad said I should go ahead and start priming some of the wood. So I did.  Yay! How exciting!


What’s that hole?  Oh, just the place where the air conditioner goes.  It’s all fine and dandy except for one thing:  that itty bitty piece of metal.  See it?  It’s about an inch wide?  And yeah I should totally get my tablet out and draw an arrow and be all cutesy and stuff. but. I. am. just. that. lazy. today.


So one day I’m bopping along and Camperrrr looks like this… (above)

and. then. this. happened.



yep, my thoughts exactly.

Gee, how to explain.  Well… from the beginning my dad has been going crazy about how there’s not a single straight line on this camper.  Awww dad, she’s just vintage ok??  This issue has been well and good (besides driving my dad banana pants crazy) until it came time to put the roof back on.  Because guess what?  Oh, there was just this 1″ gap where the roof wouldn’t cover the side!  AHHHH.  I ask my dad why, oh why?!??  And well, as my dad likes to say:  this camper’s crooked as sh*t!!!


So apparently when you repair rotten wood and get it fixed up all nice, there *might* be issues.  Yep, we had the joy of taking the entire roof and front off to figure out what was causing the problem. Don’t worry, after trying to come up with a solution there was finally a general consensus to replace the roof.  More $$$$ yayyyyy!!!  Just kidding… my immediate response to this problem was to just buy a new roof.  Dad finally agreed.  Good thing, because I was going all kinds of crazy up in here.  ;)  I mean hello!  LOOK how nice and spacious the Camperrrr is!  Look at ALL that natural light?  O M G.









But that’s no biggie!  ;)  Still LOVE my Camperrrrr!!  Wait. till. you. see. what’s. next!!