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Brandy’s Kitchen Basics

I love cooking.  We’re talking head over heals in love.  Brandon loves eating.  He does a happy dance in the kitchen every time I cook.  For real. Obviously, we make a good team.  :)

That being said, it’s no surprise that over the years of our marriage I’ve accumulated a TON of cooking stuff.  There’s the oh so fancy tabletop Breville grill/panini press Brandon surprised me with at Christmas one year.  Crock pots in different sizes, a bread machine and the fondue pot with multicolor sticks.  I’ve got stacks of cookbooks and lots of pans, some I’ve never used.  An ice cream maker that’s MIA.  When I started out as a newlywed, young cook, I thought I needed it all.  Turns out, there are some things you can do without (fondue pot!) and other things you *should* spend good $$$ on.  Here are some of my favorites:

1.  a set of very good Chef’s knives is a must!  Check out this  J.A. Henckels Pro S 7-Piece Set

2.  plastic cutting boards / jelli boards / in a variety of colors to choose from,  two at least.

3.  Barefoot Contessa at Home:  Ina Garten is my favorite chef.  ever.  Her recipes are amazingly easy and oh so delicious.  I have the entire collection (and I actually use them!)

4.  silicone pastry brushes = love

5.  my (red) KitchenAid mixer is worth it’s weight in gold!!  if only I could collect every color…

6.  really good baking pans:  like these great heavy duty ones from  Chicago Metallic Commercial

7.  KitchenAid food processor this is my mixer’s partner in crime

8.  a set of melamine mixing bowls:  not that I need more, but gosh do I want this set!  it’s discontinued from the Martha Stewart Collection.  eBay anyone?