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Blog Stuffs – When You Need a Break

Hey!!  Hope you're having a great week so far!  I'm enjoying a couple of days off with my B and of course that mixed with being super busy @ Bella Pop = all quiet on the blog front.  It's always hard for me to take a break from blogging for even just a day or two, especially after I've been blogging a lot.  I often feel guilty once the momentum stops (aka Brandy gets tired or super busy ha ha!)

Sooooo... lately I've come across some great posts that really hit true with my "to blog or not to blog" complex.  If you're a fellow blogger I know you'll enjoy these as well.

Pugley Pixel blogged a post about sustainable blogging and...

My Girl Thursday and Love Elycia posted a Vlog about keeping your blog fresh when you need a break.


LOVE these blogging ideas!  Can't wait to put some of them into action and I hope you'll get inspired too!  :)  xo Brandy

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