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Bella Pop Online Classes – FAQs

Hey everyone! I've been super busy with Bella Pop and finishing up my work on our vintage camper... hope to get some new blog posts up soon of the latest shenanigans. ;)  As usual I get a lot of questions about my online photography classes so I thought I'd update the FAQ page.  If you'd love to be able to take pictures like this and really use that awesome camera of yours, consider joining me for a Bella Pop online class!  Here are some frequently asked questions...


What time are the classes?  When you sign up for a Bella Pop online class, your lessons are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This gives you the convenience to learn lessons at your own time and on your schedule for the duration of the class.

What if I need extra time to view the lessons?  If you get behind or miss a week no worries!  Each class gets 1 bonus week (teacher free) to review the lessons and catch up.

I have a busy schedule, how much time should I expect to invest for an online class?  Each weekly lesson includes a short video as well as text to read and photo examples.  It takes about 30 min. to an hour to do the lesson plus 1-2 hours for "shooting practice."  So figure about 1.5 - 3 hours a week for completing the lesson + any time spent asking questions and reviewing feedback on the private facebook group.

Does it matter what brand camera I have?  You can shoot with any brand camera! I shoot Canon but there are also Nikon examples (as these two are the most popular.)  As long as you have a camera with manual capability for any of the 4 week classes you are set to jet.  Bella Pop's creative basics 2 week mini classes are currently for all cameras - including point and shoots and cell phone cameras.

I'm not in the States. Can I take Bella Pop online classes?  Absolutely!  I love having international students and seeing photos taken from around the world... it's really pretty awesome!  A new lesson is posted each Thursday at midnight US Central time.

I'm nervous about taking an online class vs an in-person class.  Would it be right for me?  Bella Pop classes started out as in-person classes but with scheduling issues, locations and weather stuff I decided to take that fun in-person experience and turn it into an online class.  I invited past students to try out the new online classes and they LOVED the online class even more.  You still get that feeling of taking a class with me in-person with the weekly videos.  Even better you can watch and read the lessons as many times as you need to until you really get it.  There's also more time to ask as many questions as you need AND you get the benefit of seeing everyone else's pictures (and learning from their feedback.)  It's really the best of both worlds!

Do you offer online private mentoring?  Yes! I now offer private, online one-on-one lessons. I'm currently booked until mid-July for online mentoring but you can register for anytime after that. For more info click here.

I'm interested in a career in photography.  What classes would be best for me?  If you love photography and are dreaming of shooting weddings or portraits, it's totally necessary to understand your camera and have a strong knowledge of the fundamentals.  This includes shooting in manual and shooting in all kinds of natural light.  If you still shoot in automatic or any of the priority modes, I recommend taking the Shooting in Manual class first.  If you have a strong understanding of manual I recommend taking the Shooting in Natural Light class. After learning more about those two skills you can dive into more "advanced" beginner classes. There's Shooting in Low Light, Shooting Portraits 101 and Shooting Weddings 101.

I'm thinking about signing up for a Bella Pop class - are there any reviews?  Absolutely!  My very first online class was a "test" class and I invited a select group of people for a one time opportunity to try the class, tell me how they liked it, give me feedback etc.  You can read a few reviews online: Liz @ The Blue Eyed Owl, Meg @ Balancing Home and Jen @ Insideways.  You can also read what students are saying and see the pictures they are taking and all that jazz!


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