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Amtrak Texas Eagle – New Braunfels Trip (Part 1)

Hey friends! I’m back from my little train/family/photo shoot trip to New Branfuels and I had soooooo much fun! This week is Spring Break @ so let’s kick it some fun trip posts and random shenanigans shall we?? First up, my train trip on the Amtrak Texas Eagle (part 1!)

Now I used to ride the trains in California when visiting family but this was the first time I took the train in Texas. When my super sweet sister-in-law wanted to bring me down to shoot family pics and B’s schedule didn’t work out I knew I didn’t want to drive all by my lonesome. Then I remembered that quite a few peeps go visit San Antonio by taking the train and I thought, hey… sounds like fun! The best part? I didn’t have to drive and I could work on the train.

So I booked my hot little ticket, packed the gear, kissed B goodbye and hopped on the train for some photo fun and family time (shot with my iPhone.)

The Fort Worth Amtrak station is located in downtown.  Woo hoo!

Me and my B!

My train!  The Amtrak Texas Eagle

All aboard!!!

The seats were so roomy on the train!  Lots of leg room to stretch out, kinda like first class when flying.  It’s fun to sit and enjoy the view. Cowwwws!! Mooooooooo.

The southbound train departs Fort Worth at 2:00 pm and doesn’t arrive @ San Antonio until 10:00 pm, so I planned on having dinner on the train in the dining car.  I splurged and ordered the New York strip steak and it was really yummy!  Cooked perfect too.  :)

After dinner I texted my brother to see if it would be easier to pick me up in San Marcos. It was only about 10 more minutes for him to come get me so I got off the train in San Marcos at 8:00 pm (2 hours sooner!) Thanks Jennifer for the tip!  San Marcos was perfect for getting to New Braunfels.  I can’t wait to take another little train trip with B soon.  And just for fun here’s some iPhone video from the train…

Stay tuned for more trip posts :)  xoxo Brandy